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Emergency Light Wiring Diagram Non Maintained

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone out there can alleviate me of a small issue. I work in a Council owned building and the emergency lighting fitted is wired up as such that when you operate the 'fish-tail' key test switches, the power goes out to all the main lights and leaves the emergency lighting on which I feel is the right way for it to be wired up.

Universal wiring diagram for HF ballasts The following wiring instructions apply to any existing luminaire containing a HF Ballast to be converted to 1 hour or 3 hour maintained luminaires (depending on model). Step 1 Remove the switched line from the ballast and wire to the Lin terminal of the emergency module. Wire the Lout from the emergency

A short video explaining the difference between maintained, non-maintained and switchable maintained emergency lighting.

It is probably maintained emergency lighting, the live and neutral are permantly live from the lighting circuit, the third wire goes to the light switch, they act like normal lights, if there is a power cut or the trip goes on the lighting circuit the lights come on powered by the battery pack within the lighting unit.

Emergency Lighting Guide An authoritative guide to emergency IEC 62034 Automatic test systems for emergency lighting - and the IET Wiring Regulations - BS 7671:2008(+A1:2011) workplaces/non-domestic premises. The Fire Regulations revoke the Fire Precautions

Wiring for Non Maintained Mode: Connect Hard Mains Supply Active to Un-Switched Active terminal (Un.Sw.A) only. Maintained Mode definition Normal Mains Supply LED Luminaire is Illuminated during Switching On conditions and at loss of Mains Supply Power Failure LED remains on under Battery Backup supply. Non-Maintained Mode definition