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the wiring harness configuration diagram. Example C-15-2 Indicatestheconnectornumber shown in the wiring harness configuration diagram. Indicates a connector which is inside the equipment, numbered inorderstartingfrom1.

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Wiring diagrams and instructions will assist you with these situations. Switched outlets are very popular and typically found in bedrooms and living rooms where they are used to control floor lamps or table lamps. Existing outlets may be converted to provide the desired functionality for most any room.

Pennsylvania Department of Transpor tation Traffic Signal Design Handbook (Pub.149) Table of Contents Page iii. 8.1 C. ONTROLLER . P. LACEMENT.. 8-1 8.2 C. ONDUIT

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Overview Diagram for Rewiring a Lamp. Electrical cord may be flat or round. A flat cord will take a clamp-style flat-cord plug; a round cord will require a two-prong round-cord plug. A socket is composed of several parts: an outer metal shell; an insulating sleeve; the threaded socket with its switch and two screw terminals (one silver,