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Colour can be used to divide the diagram into different categories or to show the transition from one state of the process to another. Typically, Sankey Diagrams are used to visually show the transfer of energy, money or materials, but they can be used to show the flow of any isolated system process. Functions

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The Sankey Diagram Generator. A simple, easy to use web application to help you tell the story behind the numbers. Sankey's Generated so far. Another data visualization tool brought to you by Acquire Procurement Services

Accordingly to, a Sankey Diagram says more than 1000 pie charts, they have published lo of different examples on Sankey diagrams that you can use to get some inspiration.You can combine different Sankey Diagrams even with other visualization tools to get hierarchical or tree Sankey Diagrams as well as 3D Sankey Diagrams, horizontal Sankey Diagrams, Vertical Sankey Diagrams

A software tool to easily create Sankey diagrams. A Sankey diagram is a directional flow chart where the width of the arrows is proportional to the quantity of flow.

Professional drawing tool to create Sankey Diagrams. These diagrams show flows, where the width is proportional to the rate of flow. The diagrams can be created interactively, adding flow sources and sinks, moving nodes and flows around, editing colors, and more.