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These AO Smith Replacement motors comes with a totally enclosed, non-vented housing (TENV). which is especially beneficial in keeping dirt dobbers from building nests in your motor as they notoriously do. It is available in 56 and 48 frame in the 3/4 hp and 56 frame in the 1hp and up.

The drum switch look like the old 2X440 (at least internal electrically). That switch is perfectly capable of use on a single phase motor within its amperage rating. The Dayton motor is a little more unusual. It is a capacitor start, induction run dual voltage motor but with a slight twist. It is very similar to this diagram

If you need a wiring Diagram to install your Boat Lift Motor to any of our Boat Lift Switches( Drum Switch) we will be glad to send you one. We offer a variety of Marathon (Formally GE) and Leeson Boat Lift Motors. SALZER (SPRING) DRUM SWITCH. $63.00 Price.

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CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHES CAM OPERATED ROTARY SWITCHES GENERAL CONSTRUCTION-S,TP & RT SERIES CAM ASSEMBLY CONTACT ASSEMBLY Salzer switches S, TP & RT series are designed to accomodate two isolated Double break silver alloy contacts per stage at 180 degree