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A-MFC-14 Hot Foot™ High-Performance Amperage Control. For Miller® and Hobart® Machines with 14 Pin Plugs and 1K Potentiometers. Durable, Comfortable Foot Pedal with 1/2" Heel Stop and Low-Profile Design for Precise Small Current Adjustments. Heavy-Duty Metal Construction with 25' (7.6m) Cable and Miller®14 Pin Connector. Miller® Style 14 Pin Male Plug [MIL-136961] - MIL-136961 Miller® Style 14 Pin Connector, Male Plug with 14 Pins.

If so I would be very grateful if they could post the foot pedal pin connections. On the forum we could try to build up a "library" of this information for a variety of welders. any idea where I can find a wiring diagram for the R-tech pedal? Miller has one in the manual. Location: Frome

I want to run a Miller Spoolmatic 30A wire feed gun off of a Lincoln Ranger 9 CC/CV welder. Miller has hook up diagrams for the gun using a Miller welder with a 14 pin connector. A control box and cables are required too. I hesitate to assume that the Lincoln and Miller 14 pin plugs match functionally, I don't want to short anything out.

Miller® 50' Extension Cable is ideal for use with 14-pin remote controls and 24 VAC wire feeders. Miller® 50' 14 Pin 8 Conductor Extension Cable (For Remote Control And 24 VAC Wire Feeders) Airgas Part #:MIL242208050. Miller Electric Manufacturing.

aec 200 w/miller style 14 pin connector: aec-200-4dm spool gun. 14 pin miller style control cable plug-if your power supply has this 14 pin receptacle, you may be able to use this gun.