How To Wire A 3 Way Switch Power Through Light | Diandra Wiring Diagram

Wiring a 3-Way Switch

Light is controlled by two three-way switches with the light between the switches and the power first going through a switch, then to the light, and onto the second three-way switch. 3 way switch wiring diagram - box feed - no link A switch cannot be replaced by a standard single pole switch, as explained by Terry Peterman, the Internet

Connect one of the green pigtails from the orange wire nut to each of the bare copper ground wires that are connected to the three fixtures. Twist the wires together with a yellow wire nut. Push the wires into the back of the gang box. Tape the wire nut to the wires with electrical tape. Wrap the tape around the wire nut and onto the wires.

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Learn how to wire a 3 way switch. 10 different methods including basic, dead ends, radicals, 2 wire travelers and light fed. These methods are used by Construction Electricians in houses and buildings throughout the US. Make copies for classroom or individual use.

Disconnect the black wire from the dark colored screw on the switch by loosening the terminal screw. Cut off the loop on the end of this wire. Remove 3/4 inches of insulation with the wire strippers.

3-Way Switch Wiring. The black (line) wire connects to the common terminal of the first 3-way switch. A 3-wire NM connects the traveler terminals of the first and second 3-way switch together. Traveler wires are interchangeable on each switch. The common terminal of the second 3-way switch connects to the light fixture (s).