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In a pictorial diagram, pictures of components are used instead of the conventional electrical symbols found in schematic diagrams. A pictorial diagram helps the maintenance technician visualize the operation of a system. The pictorial diagram is a picture or sketch of the components of a specific system and the wiring between these components.

SolidWorks Electrical is very flexible in how you number wires on your schematics. You can use equipotential numbering (drawing wires of the same potential share the same value) or the individual wire numbering. You can also choose to display the equipotential marks near the termination points or in the middle of the drawn wire.

This article illustrates the differences between schematics and circuit diagrams, and may benefit you a lot in identifying the components of a system, tracing a circuit and even fixing electrical equipment. I'm sure that you are able to tell how schematics differ from circuit diagrams and the relationship between them. Schematics

This standard has been prepared by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standards Coordinating Committee for Letter and Graphic Symbols (SCC 11), acting for the Y32.2 Task Group on Graphic Symbols for Electrical and Electronics Diagrams of the American National Standards Committee Y 32, Graphic Symbols and Designations.

Note: The hyphen in the Level 1 discipline designator is a required place holder in the absence of the second character of Level 2. For example, the electrical engineer may be the designer for a telephone system. The drawings required may be included on the E (Electrical) sheets along with the rest of the drawings produced by that designer.

the number of terminal designations as per DIN 72552 no longer suffice, are num-bered by consecutive numbers or letters whose function assignment is not speci-fied by standards. Terminal designations The purpose of the terminal-designation system for automotive electrical systems specified by the standard (DIN 72552) is