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RCA Programmable Outdoor Antenna Rotator with Remote (VH226F) The RCA Outdoor Antenna Rotator receives a great signal from outside your home. It is designed to withstand even the toughest outdoor weather and features a small and accurate control box. Start getting a better signal and more channels with this Outdoor Antenna Rotator.

lower mast support, antenna size is restricted to 7.5 square feet of wind surface area. The rotator unit must be WI red to the controlunit with an 8-wire cable. The control unit mus~ be placed inside the house or other protected location. InclUded In the rotor are. A Owners manual PIN 51563-10 . B. Rotator PIN 51569-10

Radio Shack 15-1245 - Outdoor Antenna Rotator Owner's Manual Page 2 Wear rubber-soled Wiring the Control shoes and use a sturdy ladder. Do not install the antenna or drive system on a windy day or when the roof is wet or covered with ice or snow. PRELIMINARY TESTING Before you install the

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. The bad news is: ALLIANCE is out of the rotor business completely. The GOOD news is that Norm's Rotor Service has bought all parts, all materials, and all technical data from Alliance. NRS now owns all rights to and a complete parts inventory for the HD-73 and U100/U110 series rotors and control boxes.

ANTENNA DOES NOT MOVE, BUT CONTROLLER INDICATES MOVEMENT Check the wiring between the controller and the drive unit. APPENDIX D (Using the rotator from any room in the house) The following methods are products are suggested though not endorsed by Channel Master. a. A UHF universal remote with a UHF to Infra-red convertor in the

Rotator System (CM-9521A & CM-9521HD) Documents . Product Documentation (User Manuals, User Guides, Specification Sheets etc.) Antenna Rotator Overview and instructions (CM9521 CM9537) Video: How the LTE Filter Improves TV Antenna Reception(CM-3201) Channel Master. Contact Us. Shop