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Hi guys, my MIL has a 2001 honda accord. She lives in Ohio, so she emailed. Says her mechanic says that her brake lines and fuel lines are all corroded from the winter salt. Im assuming these arent the rubber lines in the wheel well but the lines that run through the car. She also needs a new fuel line as per the mechanic.

Fuel Filter Replacement Installation . Fuel filters are located outside the gas tank - to combat pollutants from reaching vital parts of your engine. What happens when your Fuel Filter clogs? Dirt can prevent gas from reaching the engine, resulting in declining performance and poor gas mileage.

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Honda Accord Fuel Filter Replacement costs between $86 and $112 on average. The parts and labor required for this service are

The fuel filter for a 2002 Honda Accord is located in the car's fuel tank. It is accessable from the trunk of the car under this access plate. For detailed instructions on replacing the fuel

Replied by EricTheCarGuy on topic HONDA ACCORD FUEL LINE REPLACEMENT I think there are 2 parts to the line, before the fuel filter and after. What you are attempting is no easy task especially if you don't have a lift.