1980 Triumph Spitfire Wiring Diagram | Diandra Wiring Diagram

Triumph Spitfire Emissions Systems

There are a few common faults that occur in the classic Triumph Spitfire. Of course, many of the problems are the usual niggles that were common in cars made it that era. If you're planning to buy a vintage Triumph be sure to check alignment, rust, engine and gearbox.

Triumph Spitfire Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, MkIV & 1500. 1962-1980 See Triumph Spitfire Vehicle Information for detailed information of the Triumph Spitfire. See also Parts Information for further details on part numbers, descriptions, identification & supersessions.

Site Index. Return to Main Page. Reference Links to download some excellent wiring diagrams by Tom O'Malley including overdrive diagrams. Front lights Triumph, Spitfire bonnet and boot logos saved as vector EPS (Adobe Illustrator 5.0) suitable for hi-rez printing or sign companies.

I have extracted the Triumph Stag wiring diagrams to a separate smaller file - Here is colour wiring diagram. Stag Repair Operations Times - this lists the time taken to do the tasks described in the Operations Manual and would have used by the garage doing the service to calculate the labour cost. Herald GT6 Vitesse Spitfire

I have been floundering around the internet for hours now and the only wiring diagram I could find for an '80 Spit with the electric fan is this black and white version from triumphspitfire.com. Does anybody know if there is another diagram out there? Preferably one that looks more like all the

Triumph Spitfire MkIV Wiring Diagram (click image to view full size or print) If you load the SVG file in Inkscape or another vector editor, the cable tree is built with layers so you can switch on & off what you really need.